Fortitude Combat Pack


Introducing the Fortitude Combat Pack the ultimate rucksack  for the Jiu Jitsu athletes.

With its unique features designed specifically for combat sports, this bag is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay cool, organized and prepared for any situation.
The Combat Pack features a specialized cooling compartment that keeps your drinks and snacks chilled, making it perfect for those long training sessions, an extra side compartment with netted security panels and a top compartment, all to help you stay organised.
The netting at the front of the bag allows for maximum ventilation, so your gear stays fresh and dry after a hard session on the mat. But that’s not all – the Combat Pack also includes an expandable storage compartment at the bottom, giving you plenty of space to store your uniform, towels, and other training essentials. This means you can easily pack all your gear in one convenient bag, making it easier to stay organized and prepared for anything. So if you’re a Jiu Jitsu athlete looking for a high-quality rucksack that can keep up with your intense training schedule, look no further than the Combat Pack. It’s the perfect bag for anyone who wants to stay cool, organized and ready for anything.
Comes with padded back and rucksack straps, also a holdall strap.

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